H&M Sheer Blouse and Printed Blazer, F21 Opaque Tights and Mary-Jane Heels, Thrifted Skirt

Because so much of my time is now spent on the job, a good few of my posts will be on professional attire (not all, scouts honor). I don't define professional dress as conservatively as others I've come to realize. Though fitting into your work environment is important, there is no reason to lose identity because of it. I simply believe that length, fabric, and fit define an article as "workable" or not.

My inspiration for this outfit is from Krystal at This Time Tomorrow. Instead of going bare legged I paired my sheer blouse and blazer with a high waisted knee length pencil skirt and some black opaque tights. I chose the Mary-Janes because though they are extremely high (which I don't mind at all being only 5'4"), they are work appropriate because of the fairly innocent baby doll look to them.

What do you think? Professional? Yay or nay??

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ange tombé said...

loves it! your new blog has gotten off to a great start :)

Adama said...

These heels are stunning.

Fashion Guru said...

very classy look

maphi said...

i think its proffesional and its far from boring , i love the blazer :)