Here are the remaining purchases from my shopping trip earlier this week...I am currently lounging in my alum hoodie & some sweat pants, not very note (or fashion) worthy, but these are:

Camel Woolen Cardigan from Zara

Sheer Ruffle Dress from H&M

The camel cardigan is very cape like and can (and will) be worn with virtually any(and every)thing. The dress is soooo versatile-I'm thinking denim jacket/thigh-highs/boots or maybe pea coat/lacy tights/patent leather pumps? Suggestions???

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Isabel said...

ooh i LOVE the zara cardigan! i want it!

Raez said...

love the dress, i really wish we had an h&m here...

xx raez

ange tombé said...

both are very cute... a warm cardigan is a must-have for those sunny but nippy Fall days!

Collette Osuna said...

LOVE your new purchases...super cute!!

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Samm said...

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Fashionlee said...

The sheer dress is so cutee <3

CC said...

The cardigan is so adorable! Love the name of your blog btw. :)

Slanelle said...

i got the same dress, it's so cute !